Lamb Shank

Lamb shank slow cooked with garlic, onion, tomatoes, Kashmiri chillies and vinegar base Medium hot sauce.


Kadai Chicken

Chicken tossed with green pepper in a traditional iron wok with medium spiced masala of garlic, onion,tomato and tempering of coarsely crushed red chilly and coriander seeds.


Malabar Lamb Curry

Lamb cooked in mint and red chilly flavoured coconut sauce.


Murgh Makhanwala

The immensely popular butter chicken. Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken simmered in a rich tomato and butter flavoured gravy. Scented with dry fenugreek leaves.


Thalasseri Biryani

Chicken/lamb/prawn/veg cooked withtraditional Malabar spices ina sealed pot with basmati rice. Served with raita or vegetable curry







Murgh Kurma

Chicken in cashew and onion base creamy sauce.


Chettinadu Kozhi Varutha Kulambu

Chicken cooked in roasted Chettinadu spices. One of the spiciest and most aromatic curry in India


Chicken Tikka Masala

Old favourite creamy mild sauce cooked with tomato, almond, onion, coconut and spices.


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